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What to Expect from My Stories

Volume 1 sets the groundwork for understanding me. Knowing how I was raised makes it easier to understand me and future volumes in this series: I’m Prinkie . . . True Story Series.

Unlike traditional book series, my life is not presented in perfect chronological order. Instead, I will, from time to time, reach forward and tell a story that is directly related to the current story. Like in Chapter 1 where I mentioned that sometimes Mama Sarah calls me Puke-Nick in the future and why she does that. Or I may reach back and tell a story from childhood or remind you of a story from my childhood.

Each book and each story in the series provide pieces to the chronological big picture. As you continue to read the stories as they are published, you will find it easy, and fun, to put the chronological puzzle pieces together, to see the big picture.

My story telling uses a conversational style. It is friendly and the tone is welcoming. You are expected to feel like an old friend having a private conversation with me. Over tea. At the kitchen table. Or sitting in the porch swing.

In Volume 1, I am using my child voice. I say things like Me and Johnny or Me and Tina instead of Johnny and I or Tina and I. I do this because this was the way I spoke as a child.

I attempt to tell the stories in present-tense. I put you on stage with me. You are following me around. Like sitting on my shoulder.

Events in my life are continually analyzed because I never stop thinking. It seems only natural that I analyze events in my book series, as well. The Inheritance: Priceless! (page 194) at the end of the book reviews some of these lessons. And, of course, as you are learning, I never grow tired of talking.

My stories show how I was molded, shaped. My personality. My moral fiber. My professional busybody, analytical mind. It shows how the play acting that I did as a child led to bigger stages in my life.

Other books in this series will cover the different stages in my life: the difference between living in the segregated South and the integrated North, raising a family as a teen mom, and educational and professional experiences. These stages of my life include the day-to-day successes and blunders. And I made a lot of both.

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