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About The Book Series

I decided to write about my life, since real stories are much more interesting than anything anyone could possibly make up. Reality shows are popular now because they are unpredictable. Like life.

Whenever I told people a short story about my life, they would sit on the edge of their chairs in anticipation of the next line.

My main reason for writing my stories is to provide a family history for my family. I want them to know and understand the family who raised me. And understand how I was raised.

My second reason for writing my stories is to pass on to others the lessons that my family taught me. There are so many youth and adults living in negative environments today. Reading about my successes and blunders just might help them in some small way, or, at least provide some guidance to them. The way that my family helped and guided me. Plus, my life stories are humorous and entertaining.

My third reason for writing my stories is that I am often told that I am different. I always take that to mean in a good way.

“How did you get to be like this?” someone asks. This question was directed toward my brother, Rayman, and me.

Then I asked what she meant.

“How did you get to be so nice and so honest?” she asked.

My immediate reply was that, “It must be from our upbringing. It must be the time we spent with our grandparents in the South and with my mother.”

This got me to thinking: What was different about how we were raised?

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